Tiller, Carl Frode

Nominated to the Nordic Council Literature Prize 2010 (ENCIRCLEMENT II)
Winner of the European Prize for Literature 2009
Winner of the Hunger Prize 2008
Nominated to the Nordic Council Literature Prize 2008 (ENCIRCLEMENT)
Winner of the Brage Prize 2007 (ENCIRCLEMENT)
Winner of the Critics' Prize 2007 (ENCIRCLEMENT)
Winner of the Tarjei Vesaas First Book Award 2001 (THE SLOPE)
Winner of the P2 Listeners' Best Novel Prize 2001 (THE SLOPE)

Doubtlessly one of his generation’s most important novelists, Carl Frode Tiller (b 1970) is admired for his instantly recognizable, furious prose and his ability to create vivid, complex characters whose fates often seem sealed by their inability to break out of their own destructive behavioural patterns that mark their relationships with other people. Though they might come across as dark and desperate, Tiller succeeds in portraying these tragic characters in a way that arouses the deepest sympathy in the reader.

Few have won as many literary prizes for their first three books as Tiller, starting with the sensational debut THE SLOPE in 2001. In 2005 he was named one of the 10 best Norwegian writers under 35. In 2006, THE SLOPE was named among the 25 most important Norwegian novels from the last 25 years in a prestigious contest in the daily Dagbladet.

In addition to his three novels, Tiller has written three plays and a number of short stories and short prose for various magazines and newspapers. He has a master’s degree in history, and plays in the rock band Kong Ler. He lives in Trondheim.

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