For Breakfast Vilde Bites Her Nails

Borch, Ingvild Waalen: Til frokost spiser Vilde negler

For Breakfast Vilde Bites Her Nails is about two young girls, Vilde Tangen and her friend Marthe, who, on leaving school, move to Spain to learn the language and to "find themselves". Their goals and expectations are, however, totally different. Marthe is the more conventional of the two, while Vilde is self-opinionated and always in hot water. Moreover, she is angry - angry withherself, her friends and, perhaps most of all, with her mother.

"A book about imaginings and a quest for what is genuine, about seeing through duplicity while withholding oneself." (Hamar Arbeiderblad)

First published: 2001, Aschehoug Fiction and Young Adults

Translations: Dutch (Lemniscaat), German (Bertelsmann)

Ingvild Waalen Borch: Biography and bibliography

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