Tomorrow It Will Be Open to Everyone

Ørstavik, Hanne: I morgen skal det være åpent for alle

In a gallery, on the night before the opening, the woman who has painted the pictures is getting everything ready. She tries to understand what the paintings show, why she has painted them, what she wants with them, what is happening where the picture was painted. Is anything happening there, or is it standing still? Where is the line between the painted and the real, between the inside and the outside? How can anything change?
A man comes, she lets him in.

Praise for Tomorrow It Will Be Open to Everyone:

”Again, Hanne Ørstavik writes her way into the innermost, into the core … “
(Vårt Land)

”Hanne Ørstavik has chosen a tight and stylised form in her drama debut. But the outer strictness does not hide the emotional glow … The piece is modest on the outside. But the naked, conventionalised form cannot conceal the tensions; on the contrary it makes this little text appear a dense, quivering force field”
(Hamar Arbeiderblad)

”Hanne Ørstavik has written poetics as a symbolic drama with an open ending. This is a text that keeps on working on its own in those who give it a little time.”

”Short, dramatic dialogue that becomes the intersection between wonder and reality … the author is, in a familiar way, attempting to reach the innermost of the language, of the questions around what is real, and what can be changed … In other words, a recognisable Ørstavik text”

”interesting content … it can never get uninteresting or bad, coming from her”
(Dagens Næringsliv)

”Good literature … good language, fruitful linguistic images and a high level of reflection … A text which is honest, clear and talks to the reader… Ørstavik has a strong intuitive and symbolic imagination and at the same time she is very conscious of form and has a high level of reflection around her own artistic work … She pushes her writing project forward even though she doesn’t meet the expectations of the audience. Thank goodness for that”
(Dag og tid)

First published: 2007, Forlaget Oktober
Hanne Ørstavik: Biography and bibliography

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