Come Forward, Prince!

Hoem, Edvard: Kom fram, fyrste!

Olav Engelbrektsson was an archbishop in Norway at the time of the Reformation. When he left Trondheim on the first of April, 1537, it was as if he disappeared into a giant historic black hole. His name, which was so widely known, was no longer to be pronounced in the Norwegian Kingdom. Because his name was to be forgotten, we do not know when or where he was born; there is no collective memory of him in Norway, nor is there a monument of him in his parish Trondheim. There are no documents acquitting him of the repute he earned when he ran off: that he was traitor to the country and that he had stolen the treasures of Trondheim’s Cathedral.

Praise for Come Forward, Prince!:

" impressive literary piece of work"

"With its proud language and proud men, Come Forward, Prince! is a kind of modern saga. Hoem’s language is clean-cut and beautiful"

"alive and powerful...a riveting history lesson"
(Haugesunds Avis)

"There is a lot of knowledge to be gained from this book...Once again Hoem proves himself a very accomplished and precise writer"
(Vårt Land)

"Wistful tribute to the most tragic man in the history of Norway...Hoem succeeds in keeping the difficult balance between fact and fiction"


"This is good fiction, true fiction... A truly powerful and good book"

"Potent narrative from Hoem; a fascinating story from a turbulent time in history, a story about belief and hope... Hoem’s style is unaffected and authoritative; his words flow effortlessly, and it is good to be inside of his clear, beautiful language. Besides being a historical novel, Come Forward, Prince! Is a story about standing up for what you are, fighting for what you believe in – a story about courage, integrity, power and weakness"

"...exciting and interesting... Hoem’s prose is good to read, it effortlessly draws up the historical lines"

"This novel is above all a story and a ballad – and Hoem is a good story-teller and a good scald... The novel is believable both on the historical and psychological levels"
(Dag og Tid)

First published: 2004, Forlaget Oktober
Edvard Hoem: Biography and bibliography

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