The Time That Is Needed

Ørstavik, Hanne: Tiden det tar

Signe is 30 years old and has just moved out of the city with her husband and child. Christmas is approaching, and the three of them plan on celebrating alone. But then Signe's parents come visiting, and Signe is confronted with their expectations, and has to face her own past. As well as portraying the life of a 13 year-old in the darkness of the north of Norway, Ørstavik describes an extreme conflict of universal relevance: Whose life do we wish to live?

Praise for "The Time That Is Needed":

"This is very, very good... every line is distinct, vibrating with a sensitivity shunning all sentimentality, and which, thanks to that, moves the reader even more strongly." (Dagbladet, Oslo)

Translations: Danish ( Den tid det tager published by Batzer & Co., Roskilde), Dutch (De Geus, Breda), Finnish ( Kulunut aika published by Like, Helsinki), Swedish ( Tiden det tar published by Alfabeta Anamma, Gothenburg)

First published: 2000, Forlaget Oktober

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Rights sold to

Language Foreign publisher
Danish Batzer & Co.
Dutch De Geus
Finnish Like
Swedish Alfabeta Anamma

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