Hermit Crabs

Ragde, Anne B.: Eremittkrepsene

For more than a year, The Da Vinci Code has topped Norway's bestseller lists. Now it has been knocked out by Anne B. Ragde.

- I thought you’d take over. All the time since Christmas, when mother died.
 - I say I don’t know! Not now, anyhow. Maybe later.
 - I need to know, that you want to, that it is for a reason. Otherwise there’s no point. This doesn’t work. You have to think about it; you’re the oldest girl, the heiress.
 - The heiress. Hah! And what do you suggest I do about that? Sell my flat in Oslo and invest here? Now?
 - Yes.

Torunn Neshov is thirty-seven and when her grandmother dies, she has to deal with her father’s side of the family for the first time. Her father Tor runs the family farm in Byneset outside Trondheim. He is the eldest of three brothers, and the only one with children.
Suddenly Torunn becomes an heiress, after having built a life of her own in Oslo. Her father’s brother Margido, who runs a small funeral parlour in Trondheim, is torn between religious belief, doubt and an insistent widow. Erlend, the youngest of the brothers, is a renowned window dresser living in Copenhagen with his boyfriend, also facing fundamental choices, ones that are quite different from Torunn’s.

Anne B. Ragde has written an impelling novel where the lives of the people we know from The Berlin Poplars are turned upside down. They are doing their best, but are blood bonds sufficient to unify the family? How strong are the ties between these people, who barely know one another?

Praise for The Hermit Crabs:

Hermit Crabs, the sequel to Berlin Poplars, is an efficient page-turner, which continues the quiet exploration of rural Norway […] The intensity in style and Anne B. Ragde’s savoir faire make a simple plot become a joy to read”
(Le Monde, France)  


"After losing sleep and putting the book away, I still can’p t stop thinking about these people... Dear Anne B. Ragde, I have to know how things turn out with the farm, with Torunn, Margido, Erlend, Lizzy and Jytte. GET TO WORK!"

"Ragde on top form... a pure exhibition of great and vigorous writing. Ragde balances gripping scenes with humoristic situations, at times on a hair fine edge, but never falls in.... Waiting for volume three of this great work is almost unbearable"

First published: 2005, Forlaget Oktober
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