Pastures Green

Ragde, Anne B.: Ligge i grønne enger

Following her father’s suicide in the pig barn, Torunn struggles to continue running the farm and keeping the pigs with the assistance of a young farm relief worker. Meanwhile, there is maximum anticipation in Copenhagen as the homosexual couple Erlend and Krumme are expecting children by the lesbian couple Jytte and Lizzi. The two couples make the trip to the family farm with plans for the future.

The heat is intense this summer, as all of them gather at the farm - each with their own individual desires and expectations. As heiress to the farm, Torunn holds a key role in the future plans of the other family members – a role she does not know if she is capable, or willing, to play.

First published: 2007, Forlaget Oktober
Anne B. Ragde: Biography and bibliography

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Bulgarian Damyan Yakov
Danish Rosinante
Dutch De Geus
Estonian Eesti Raamat
Finnish Tammi
French Univers Poche
German BTB / Randomhouse
Hungarian General Press
Icelandic Forlagid
Polish Smak Slowa
Romanian Univers
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