Relations - a Dialectic Theory

Schibbye, Anne-Lise Løvlie: En dialektisk relasjonsforståelse i psykoterapi med individ, par og familie

Full title: A Dialectic Theory on Relations in Psychotherapy with Individuals, Couples and Families

This book is about the crucial importance of interpersonal relationships in the development of our identities. The theory shows why recognition is a central need, but also what prevents us from giving it to each other.

Anne Lise Løvlie Schibbye explains how the individual becomes a self in the meeting with others, and how this self develops in both right and the wrong directions through relationships. With this as her basis, she sheds light on how the relationships that we are part of have a critical influence on what happens between a child and its parents – when the new family is formed – on our choice of life partner and on what happens between a client and his or her therapist.

In order to make the text come alive, the author uses a hypothetical family throughout the book to illustrate some of her key points.

The book integrates philosophical perspectives with knowledge based on scientific research. It is an expression of Anne-Lise Løvlie Schibbye’s engagement and development within the field over a number of years. Her nuanced understanding of the influence of relationships on the self opens up for new perspectives in the exploration of the complex interpersonal landscape.

“To Schibbye, therapy is more about attitudes than about techniques, and her thorough, Hegel-inspired analysis of the standard attitude –of listening, understanding, acceptance and tolerance – is, in my opinion, exemplary. On top of this, her theory about how transgressive changes can be encouraged makes for an utterly interesting contribution”
(Waldemar Rognes, Tidsskrift for Norsk Psykologforening)

First published: 2002, Universitetsforlaget

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